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Spot is on mission to create a more caring world by helping pet families get their pets the care they need to lead longer, happier lives together. Spot Pet Insurance offers flexible pet insurance policies for cats and dogs. 


Create a Thumb-Stopping Brand that Converts

 Spot, like many startups, leaned heavily on clichéd stock footage and lacked a robust creative testing strategy. This deficiency in branding and creative experimentation hindered Spot's ambitious objective of significantly boosting new customer acquisition. The goal was clear: leverage A/B testing and data analysis to refine the creative testing framework and enhance ads for greater brand visibility and resonance.


A full-funnel approach was taken to develop the social media creative strategy for Spot. Spot’s previous ad creative used language and visuals overused in the pet health world. They were blending in where they needed to stand out. By testing large amounts of copy, visuals, and landing pages, Spot pushed creative boundaries to the edges of their brand guides to find new scroll-stopping ways of appealing to the customer.

With aggressive creative testing at high volumes, we found outliers that resonated with the audience, including UGC, converting hooks, and value benefits. Once finding these outliers, we quickly scaled various combinations of winners to build a large stable of ads that could maintain a strong CAC while actively scaling spend.



Increase in


Decrease in
Overall CPA 


Increase in
Conversion Rate 

In conclusion, Spot's strategic shift towards a comprehensive creative testing framework yielded remarkable results, marking a pivotal turning point in their customer acquisition journey. By switching from clichéd stock imagery and adopting a bold, experimental approach, Spot successfully elevated its brand visibility and resonance. The implementation of A/B testing and creative data analysis enabled Spot to identify and amplify high-performing outliers, including visuals and compelling value propositions, effectively captivating their target audience. Moving forward, Spot is set to maintain its momentum, equipped with a robust creative framework that aligns with its brand identity and drives growth.

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